Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador

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When we arrived here in Ecuador, a pilot boat was sent out and a gentleman boarded Tanda Malaika and showed us where to go to avoid grounding ourselves. Large sand banks appear at low tide, and the locals know exactly where to go to meander through them. The surrounding hills looked so beautiful and lush.

Fishermen zoomed by in their pangas as the town of Bahia de Caraquez came more clearly into view.

The creatures watched from their perches and talked excitedly about exploring.

The twins make me smile, I love the way they love each other.

As we came in to the anchorage to drop our hook, our friends, Gary and Joanne, waved to us from their boat and welcomed us in. We met them when we were in Panama. The sailing community is a small world and we love meeting up with friends from the sea.

Zatara anchored close by, and we settled in to our new location. We have enjoyed exploring the town and meeting the locals. An earthquake caused so much damage here about a year ago, killing over 400 people and injuring thousands. Many buildings look like they are about to tumble to the ground.

Some still stand straight but are severely cracked all over. We asked if there was any way we could help, but were told that at this point, it’s pretty much just down to machine work.

Street vendors sell delicious fruits,

Freshly baked breads,

And many other critters…

These two fine amigos held up their neatly hung crabs for me to photograph.

We found a place for Emma to get her hair trimmed,

and this morning she tried out another color. She’s such a beautiful young woman.

Aidan and Fin have had a blast with their boards at the skate park, and haven’t broken any bones.

I love watching the sweet little children on the streets.

This munchkin kept running away from his mama…

We watched some guys playing soccer for a while. They are a fit bunch of blokes and have so much talent.

As always, I love to see the street art on buildings and walls, and there is a fair amount of it here.

This evening we watched the sun set over the water, which was a beautiful close to the end of a wonderful day.

As we walked back to the dinghy on our walk home, we passed a place in the center of town where swallows gather at night and sit on the wires. There are 100’s of them!

They are fun to watch and admire, but not good to sit or park under!


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