Day: March 19, 2017

Loving Ecuador

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The people here in Ecuador are so friendly, welcoming and beautiful. They’re hard working and proud of their country.

The girls and I went to a market for fresh produce, and we loved being there among the hard working farmers and fishermen.

Avocado’s were 4 for $1, huge pineapples and melons for $1, rambutan 50 for $1, plantains, apple bananas, oranges, soursop, corn, beans, yuca, beets and so many more wonderful things.

Large blocks of freshly made cheese, and freshly ground peanut sat on counters,

and sausages hung by stacks of eggs.

Fishermen stood at tables covered in fresh fish,

while others sat with bowls and buckets of shrimp. We bought a couple pounds for $4 for dinner.

A sweet little man with beautiful blue eyes called us over to try his treats. The girls really liked some little roasted coconut balls that he sold.

Others called us to buy some of their butchered chickens, but we decided it might not be in our best interest.

A beautiful flower display stood neatly at the end of the market,

and just a few yards away from her, another woman with flowers sat in the shade of an old building.

We passed by a beautiful pink church with blue spires, and peaked inside to see some gorgeous stained glass.

I love this place. I love these people.

We are not going to be able to go to Machu Picchu due to terrible flooding in Peru, plus it ends up the cost would be pretty high. On Wednesday we’ll be going in for the required yellow fever shots for Galapagos, and hopefully soon after that we’ll be able to set sail for the Galapagos Islands. In the mean time we’ll continue to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us here.