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I apologize for the double post today, but the previous post was unfinished and I sent it off accidentally…

Yesterday morning we left our hostel by taxi with our friend Cesar, at the wheel.

Danny had asked me to try find a couple parts for our engine, so Cesar told us he’d drive us around to try find them, then drop us at the bus station so we could buy tickets for our trip home. At that point we had no idea what the bus schedule was.

We traveled to 6 different stores before we found the parts, then set out for South Quito, where the bus terminal was. En route, we stopped at a look out that oversaw South Quito, and it was quite impressive!

About 2,000,000 people live in Quito.

Over 4,000,000 people are without jobs in Ecuador.

We have really loved our visit to Quito. The people are hard working and friendly, transportation is readily available for very cheap and the scenery is gorgeous. The only word of advice I must offer, is that when you use the restroom, take your own toilet paper, and many of the public restrooms cost 10c for guys and 15c for girls because they hand girls a paper napkin the same roughness as dry corn on the cob, to use for wiping.

When we stopped to take pictures, Emma collected a beautiful bouquet of yellow flowers. I love my sweet girl and her thoughtfulness.

When we reached the bus terminal, Cesar came in with us and helped us locate the correct terminal. We found that the last bus of the day would be leaving in 45 minutes, which was amazing, so we bought our tickets and said goodbye to Cesar. What a great guy.

We all used the loo and grabbed a drink for the 8 hour trip, and relaxed for a few minutes.

When the time came we loaded up, relaxed into our reclining chairs on the bus, and enjoyed reminiscing about the trip and the experiences we’d had.

Our adventures in Quito will always be such fond memories to reflect on. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to see more of Ecuadors beauty, spend time together as family and friends, and most of all, to hold precious angels – even for just a moment.


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