Month: April 2017

chemistry question!

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So here we are, in the middle of nowhere, and Mycah has come across a question in her chemistry class that we are perplexed by.
Q: If you increase the temperature of a volume of air by four times while at the same time doubling the pressure, would the volume of air increase or decrease? Why? Text us at +881623458586 on our satellite system.

DAY 6: Marquesas crossing

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It’s a beautiful new day on the South Pacific. Seas are calm for the first time on this journey. Swells reached 4 meters yesterday. We are all having so much fun and loving our time of open ocean. Not once in these 6 days have we seen another vessel…just wide open pacific blue. It’s perfect and peaceful. Lots of our love to you all.

Marlin for dinner(s)

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Danny caught a large marlin today. We are still debating whether it’s a black or blue marlin. Its dorsal fin is a gorgeous peacock blue. Danny filleted it and cut it up into 10 huge slabs – each packaged and frozen now. We had some for dinner with French bread right out of the oven and fresh papaya and it was so delicious!

DAY 4: Marquesas crossing

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It’s a beautiful new day on the high seas. We gently roll over huge swells making 8-9 knots. A flying fish flew through our open hatch last night and flopped around angrily till it was set free back in the water. We are loving every moment.

Day 2 Marquesas Crossing

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We sailed over to the trades winds and have been on a port tack between 9 and 10 knots. A beautiful sail. Been through a couple squalls and are in 8-10 ft rolling seas. Crew and vessel are doing beautifully! All is well 🙂

Time to GalapaGo!!!

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We have been preparing vessel and crew for our three week crossing to Marquesas, and the time has come to pull up anchor and sail off into the South Pacific.

Some of our preparation has included scrubbing Tanda Malaika’s belly, so her hulls are squeaky clean and free of anything that would slow us down.
We went to the post office and mailed off the creatures exams to American School of Correspondence so they can be graded.

We have visited with friends and said our goodbyes, and I made a big batch of South African fudge to share with them.

I started the sprouts so that a week from now when greens are eaten, we will still have something green to enjoy…

We went to immigration and got our passports stamped and checked out, made sure engines and generator are in good order and fishing gear is good to go.
Finally, we stocked up on fruits and veggies at the the mercado.

I love markets!!! Check out the cute baby under the table!

You think we bought enough eggs??? Now we will wash them, rub them in oil and store them.

We also bought squash and other things that will not spoil for a while so we will still have fresh veggies in the third week.

We returned to Tanda Malaika loaded down and ready to go.

Thank you to my buddy, Captain Elayne, who is my wonderful friend and experienced sailing instructor and captain in Hawaii, who keep close tabs on us in case of emergency. We love you Elayne.

I will be posting text and maybe one photo a day to the blog through satellite as we sail, so watch for updates on our adventure.
We love you all madly and are excited for this adventure!!! Next Stop, Hiva Oa, Marquesas!!!


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Getting ready for our 3 week voyage and just checking to see if I can post text to the blog through satellite.