Two new crew members

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Yesterday morning the creatures and I went into town in search of a patch kit for the dinghy. The patch that was recently placed on it is not holding and we need to redo it.

We didn’t find anything other than a small bicycle patch kit but we did find a cool place for Aidan to skateboard!

He’s got the moves like Jagger…even with an ice cream in one hand. Jude tried out her ninja skills as well and didn’t break anything. She has some respectable skills.

We walked through town and bought some fruit to make a fruit salad, and admired the beautiful flowers.

I love the way in Ecuador hammocks are hung everywhere – even on the streets and outside businesses, and people of all ages lounge around and relax.

Gold Bay is a beautiful little beach in town, and was in view as we ate some lunch.

There’s even queen sized beds for the locals to enjoy…

When we returned to Tanda Malaika we realized that the sea lion proofing we had done, was laughed at by the galapalions.

Keith Danny nor Renee wanted to scuba dive, so Keith and I geared up and went exploring. Multiple sea lions immediately came to play.

They were so curious, and loved the color of our fins and the bubbles from our breathing.

Fish with yellow lips checked us out as well – curious with their big blue eyes.

Keith and Renee came over last night and joked some cookies Emma had baked for us all as we lounged on the trampoline. We really love them and their sweet family.
Danny and woke up around 3am because someone was on the boat, and came topside to meet two new crew member who obviously planned on stayed indefinitely.

The big Mama and her baby seemed to be content in their spot so Danny told them to keep it down and they could stay. We went back to bed and he was breathing deeply in no time at all, but I stayed away listening to all the grunts, groans and shifting around.
This morning they went for a dip then returned to lie in the sun.

Mama had shed about a pound of hair and the deck was looking a big messy, so Danny coaxed them off so we could wash things up.

It has rained so much while we’ve been here, which is wonderful, but it also means that things just don’t dry out completely. A couple sunny days would be splendid but the forecast doesn’t look too promising.
We are most likely going to move on to another island in the next day or so, so we’ll need to do a little provisioning a gassing up in the near future.


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