Checking in

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Our morning began with a stroll up to the wifi spot on the hill so we could download the last of the needed paperwork for check in. The view from up there is incredibly beautiful.

Its taken several days to get fully checked in to Marquesas. Our 3 month visas for French Polynesia got a bit mixed up in Tahiti, but all is well now – papers and passports stamped, and we are officially legal.

The morning light was spectacular on the mountains as clouds slowly moved across peaks like cotton candy in the wind.

The direct translation of ‘cotton candy’ into English, from Afrikaans, is ghosts breath. It looked like it could have been that on the mountain tops too…whisperings from people of the past.

Only about 1500 people live on Hiva Oa.

We picked a few things up at the grocery store, which has many items we recognize, mixed with a few European things we’ve never seen before.

Jude and Aidan practiced doing some crazy stuff on their skateboards while Danny and I tried to visit the hardware store, but once again found it closed even though it was during regular business hours.

I admired some beautiful flowers along the streets,

some of which I’d never seen before.

Every street has the breathtaking backdrop of towering mountains, constantly making me feel small but not insignificant.

We have discovered something incredibly delicious, and returned home to devour it – French baguettes, fresh brie cheese and delicious, crisp Fuji apples. What a combination!!! Add a little fancy mustard to the equation and it’s amazing what happens in your mouth!

Life is simple here. Peaceful, calm and simple. It’s a good place to listen to yourself think.


One thought on “Checking in

    Thomas Tybeck said:
    May 18, 2017 at 5:07 pm

    The Marquesas look absolutely stunning. I am wondering if you are bored or docked and what are the fees. Also how much did your 3 month French Polynesia visas cost you? We too are planning this trip later on. Trying to get as much information ahead of time. Godspeed and carry on!


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