Tahuata, Marquesas

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Since the water in Hiva Oa is a bit muddy from all the rains, we thought it’d be fun to sail over to Tahuata, a neighboring island where the water is clear, so we could make water and fill our storage tanks.The sail over took about 2 hours, and the scenery was amazing.

Mountains of igneous rock eroded by wind and waves stand solid with bright green growth anywhere it can take root.

Canyons carved open like fresh wounds on a battlefield, making way for small waterfalls to rush through and erode a deeper path.

Up high in a welcoming field, large balls of dense green foliage are grouped together like marbles, and remind me of the days my brother and I used to play against our friends and had won a significant collection.

Moving out on a starboard tack, we pass a beautiful point, marking the channel with intense funneled wind. We feel the effects of the Venturi Effect.

On the leeward side of Tahuata, we find calm waters, and a beautiful white sand beach at the foot of mountains and coconut palms.

We are instantly drawn in and find a place in the sand to anchor, unable to take our eyes off the surroundings.

Back in some trees we noticed huts, and when the creatures went in to explore they noticed a fence around them and left them to their privacy. If you’re going to live on land, what a beautiful place to live.

It doesn’t take Mycah long to get the water maker going, and I quickly do laundry and after hanging everything up to dry, immerse myself in the beautiful blue waters.

Off our port side, interesting rock formations look like layers of chocolate cake, and my tummy grumbles.

I am once again completely at home in the clear water, the ocean floor patterned with ripples on beautiful white sand and light streams through the water column.

Reef fish hang out around coral heads,

and a spotted eagle ray gently flaps its wings, elegantly gliding past me in the water.

Emma points out the third octopus she’s seen in one day and I descend to converse with him for a moment. He is shy and cautious, and watches me from his perch under the rock, and as I do, he changes the texture of his body from smooth to bumpy to look more like his surroundings.

When I surface, Kjira is there on the paddle board, and we move to shallower water together to collect shells. She is an Angel in heavenly surroundings.

**Thomas Tybeck, in answer to your questions, we are anchored, not docked, and there is no anchorage fee. We used an agent so things would run a little smoother, and the visas for all 7 on board as well as the agent fee cost $390. The agent is in Tahiti and is all done through the Pacific Puddle Jump. Feel free to private message us any other questions.
Belinda (on Facebook I am Belinda Govatos)


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