Street Art

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Yesterday the creatures and I went to the Museum of Street Art. We have been so impressed by the incredibly beautiful murals around Papaette.

Artists from all over the world have been invited to paint murals around the city. Their styles are so different – like this one that has animated figures in it.

Some are abstract and have hidden messages in them – only showing up with a camera flash like this one.

One of my favorites is by an artist who collects garbage and fashions it into something meaningful, like this turtle. Everything is made from plastic bottles, except for the turtle which is made from broken car parts.

Many of the murals are characters of Polynesian women.

One of the artists uses wood and concrete and chips away at it, creating a scene. This one is of a young mans face on wooden doors.

Just outside the Museum, is another of my favorite murals. I love the bright colors.

The creatures scrubbed decks yesterday in preparation for Danny’s arrival last night, and I cleaned inside, completing the last items on the long list of things we wanted to get done while he was away. We also hung another bunch of bananas, which a bird is very interested in, and stocked the fridge.

Late last night, Mycah and I went to the airport and were excited to see Danny arrive after being gone for 10 days. We placed 3 lei’s around his neck and brought him home. My sciatic pain has been getting worse even though I’ve been massaged by a couple professionals and done the exercises, so this morning Mycah and I walked over to the clinic and I was prescribed some muscle relaxants and better pain meds. Today, Danny and the creatures have gone to spend the day hiking, swimming and eating lunch at an awesome resturant up the mountain, with Jane. The boat is so quiet with everyone gone – it’s kind of weird!
Danny brought back needed boat parts for the engine, so we will be installing those and then heading to Moorea as soon as it’s done. We now have just under 1 month left on our French Polynesian Visas, and feel like there is still so much to see!


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