Mo’orea, Society Islands

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It didn’t take much more than an hour to sail northwest over to Mo’orea from Tahiti. The actual spelling is Mo’ore’a, which in Tahitian means ‘yellow lizard’. Three ferries a day travel over to Mo’orea’s Val’are wharf.

This beautiful mountainous island is 10 miles wide and is completely surrounded by a crystal clear turquoise lagoon. Beyond the lagoon is a large reef, and Darwin once said, while looking at Mo’orea from a mountain top in Tahiti, that Mo’orea is a beautiful picture within a frame. In the photo below, one can see Tahiti in the distance.

Every photo taken looks like it’s been photoshopped, but it truly is just that beautiful!

This morning the creatures and I went for a dinghy ride to check things out. The mountains are so thick with foliage with dramatic peaks and valleys.

Small settlements are scattered along the coastline, separated from the ocean simply by a few coconut palms.

We had to watch closely for coral heads in the clear water as we moved through it, as some of them were large, but flat with tall pinnacles,

while others were stag horn and antler corals and spread out wide and close to the surface.

A gorgeous resort is located on the southwest end with bungalows over the water and an exquisite reef to explore.

Since it is paradise, there is of course plenty of area without coral if that’s what you prefer!

When we returned to Tanda Malaika, a ray welcomed us home and our sweet friends on Makara, (Ian and Erika), came over for a visit.

Erika brought me some keifer in sugar water to experiment with – she’s experimenting too. So if anyone is a pro at the water keifer, I could use some advice. She also let me borrow her book called Wild Fermentation, because I want to start making my own sauerkraut and kimchi.
Ian and Danny worked on building a new starter, using a blue footed boogie feather, pine sap from the island of Yap, the spring from inside a nebulizer and a zip tie. It worked and we now have two running engines. VOILA!


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