Sailboats and monkey’s

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Max has unfortunately returned to New Zealand. We would have kept him longer if we could have, but classes have resumed and he’s responsible enough to return for them. Before he left we had to do a couple things with him – one of them was to show him the Monkey Temple in Ubud. The monkeys took a liking to him.

They were as cute as ever, and the best part for me was to watch the newborns learn to use their little hands with great concentration and curious minds.

Emma had a visitor too. She always has to be careful with her glasses because they like to run off with them.

Another youngster noticed something interesting in the mesh side pocket to Emma’s backpack, and REALLY wanted it! I’m pretty sure it was just a hair tie.

I love to look at the various interesting statues around Bali, and found this one to be fascinating… I’m not quite sure what’s going on here. I don’t think they are throwing up hairballs, but you never know!

On Thursday evening, we played Futsal with a group from church. Max was amazing! I rugby tackled, which I have not doubt is not allowed, but no one dared challenge me on it either.

Futsal is when soccer is played indoors, which is nice because the field is smaller and you don’t have to worry about losing the ball.

We will be playing again this week.

The other activity we wanted to do with Max, was to rent Hobie cats and sail. Since his parents own a sailboat, he is also used to sailing, so he, Aidan and Emma took one and Jude, Mycah and our friend, Brandon, took another.

This was the first time the creatures had handled a boat on their own since Tanda Malaika, and even though it was a much smaller scale, they still felt a small degree of anxiety. It was good for them to get back out there.

It was wonderful to find a beach that was clean, with water that wasn’t brown!

We decided that we’d have to return to snorkel out a ways to see what we could find.
After about an hour sail, the creatures returned with big smiles on their faces.

They spent a few minutes cooling off before ice cream and a scooter ride back to our home.

What a great group of creatures. I love hanging out with them!

Danny has now landed in Japan, and will be there for about a week before flying the owner to his next destination. On Saturday, our son, Jordan, who lives in Florida, will be joining us for a month. We are excited to have him with us!
We are grateful to be sharing these Balinese experiences as a family.


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