Day: December 6, 2017

Exploring South Phuket

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The creatures worked on school work for a while, and when Mycah was done, her and I ran to a laundromat and did laundry while the twins finished up. After returning and hanging the clothes up to dry, we set out to see what we could see. Our plan was to continue to work our way up the west coast of Southern Phuket and finally end up at the airport to pick Jude and Max up at 9:15pm.
We drove in the direction of Patong Beach area, and en route, made a few observations and comparisons. Traffic is FAR calmer in Phuket. After driving in Bali, I’m not sure we’ll ever find anything that compares to the madness we found there. Traffic is far more organized here and there is so much less of it. In Bali, robots go from green to yellow to red, then back to yellow before turning green again. Traffic zips out as soon as yellow hits and is in full action once green comes around. Here in Phuket, robots go from green to yellow to red, and while they are red, there’s a huge electric countdown that show you exactly how many seconds until the light turns green again. People actually wait for the seconds to reach 1 before shooting out through an almost green light. There’s also far less garbage lying everywhere here, and far more vacant lots with jungle-like foliage, rather than one building being connected to the next like it is in Bali.
Patong is a big tourist trap, with cruise ships coming in and lots of food and entertainment everywhere.

It’s a little crowded, but by no means, unbearable.The small streets are filled with a spaghetti bowl of electricity lines running by the dozens in every direction above bars and stores filled with people smiling, talking story and having a good time.

People slowly stroll the streets with bags in hand – filled with treasures to take home,

and the air is filled with the smell of sunscreen lotion and grilled meat.

Some of it looked really tasty!

The really popular carts sell fresh fruit and coconut water, which is served sliced in a tall transparent container that everyone around can see and crave the same.

We stopped for some delicious Thai food and paid about $2.50 for the most amazing meals. From Patong we continued north, stopping in Kamala to check out the beach.

Lush green hills serve as a gorgeous back drop to the beautiful, peaceful beaches.

There’s so much area to stroll and breath! What a peaceful place.

We continued north, stopping at each beach we came across – which are many.

My favorite view was of a small beach down below, which we will most definitely need to find a way to get down to. If I’m reading the map correctly, I think it’s called Laem Singh Beach. Absolute Gorgeousness!!!

We decided to stop and relax a while at Surin Beach, where we lay in the shade and read, ate ice cream and chatted with locals. Thanks to Aidan for this great shot…

As evening came, we grabbed our goods and continued up the coast in the direction of the airport.

The flavor of the day, was this one: Miengkam Krobros! It was quite delicious!

We reached the airport a couple hours early because we were just too excited to stay away, and the creatures entertained themselves by playing with foamy play dough. It’s impossible to feel bored with the yahoos around!!!

When the airplane arrived it was a race to see who got to Jude first! These guys have missed each other so much! It’s great to see our friend, Max, too!

I really love how our kids love each other!
Danny told me yesterday that there’s a chance he will be able to join us here on the 11th. We are excited for the possibility!