Old Town

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The creatures and I have been exploring North Phuket, and love it. It is far less populated and less touristy, which is just the way we like it. Before heading north we ventured into Old Town, and looked around.

The streets were pretty clean and concrete structures stood proudly, wearing the wisdom of their years…

So many little details of beauty that one could easily pass by…

We came across a farmers market where so many items that are foreign to me, were sold.

Some of it I recognized, like this dried squid,

and of course all sorts of wonderful produce

and spices and dried fish.

I would love to take some Thai cooking classes and learn how to use all these fresh herbs…

and the dried ones too.

We stopped and tasted fried sweet potato balls and they were delicious.

Scattered about are several places of worship – brightly colored and open for all who are appropriately dressed and wish to enter.

When our stomachs began to growl, we stopped for some lunch and were served the most delicious, fresh Pad Thai we’ve ever tasted.

We spent a considerable amount of time on this beautiful beach, where we watched sailboats at anchor and dinghies coming and going. The water was warm and inviting.

We eventually pried ourselves away, but not before joining everyone else to watch the sun set on yet another beautiful day in Thailand.

Couples stood together in the dimming light, which cast a golden glow over all it touched. I would have loved to have reached over for Danny’s hand if he had been there.

The clouds burned orange with the last rays, and we turned to return home once again.


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