Northern Phuket

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Northern Phuket is far less touristy than Southern Phuket – which is what we prefer. It means less people on the beaches, less vendors trying to sell us things, more real Thai experiences and more peace and quiet.

The first beach we stopped at was Surin Beach, and it was gorgeous. Lots of wide open beach and wide open ocean.

A friend of ours suggested that we visit a beach that not many know about, called Banana Beach. We found it and trekked down to it through the trees and down a muddy slope.

Once we reached the sand, we were instantly taken in by the exquisite beauty that surrounded us. Thailand just like the magazine pictures…

We picked a good spot to stay a while and lay our towels down to go take a dip.

Just before strolling into the surf, a couple approached us with a bucket of fresh honey. They were selling it by the bottle for about $10. We of course had to buy some since we are honey lovers. For our picnic we had honey and peanut butter sandwiches!

The creatures immediately headed for the water and I followed shortly. It felt so good – the perfect temperature and so incredibly beautiful.

We stayed and played in the surf till late afternoon, then finally pulled ourselves away to continue exploring. We still had a waterfall to reach. We began driving down the road and Mycah exclaimed, ‘what was that??? It was a rhino cross baby elephant!’ After making fun of her and listening to her insist that she saw what she saw, we had no choice but to turn the car around to see what kind of animal she’d seen…it was a water buffalo!

The road to the waterfall was beautiful, with large forested areas and thick, lush grass. Aidan decided he had to break out the skateboard and ride the road for a while, so we obliged.

He had a blast and only ended up with a small amount of road rash.

The hike to the waterfall wasn’t much of a hike. We strolled down a road for a while,

Jude, Mycah and I were barefoot – which is our favorite way to hike, and after a short distance we followed a path through the trees, vines and bamboo, which ran parallel to a beautiful stream.

What a beautiful place! The air was thick with humidity but so clean and fresh, allowing us to feel each breath we took so completely. Fresh air in nature is such a precious gift.

We finally reached Bang Pae Waterfall, and sat for a while enjoying the beauty.

While the creatures sat I jump in and cooled off in the refreshing water. They had spotted an area farther downstream that was more inviting to swim in, so we headed that direction for a while.

As usual, all sorts of goofiness and shenanigans took place.

Max and Aidan were goofy too.

I love every second I spend with these crazies.

We eventually made our way back to the rental car, enjoying part of our adventure. The walk back…

the drive home, and the conversations that constantly flow. I find myself in fits of laughter on a regular basis as I listen to the chatter. Jude loves puns and she loves playing with words. We passed by this sign,

and she said, “Guys, I see all these signs and I just feel like I’m saying dam wrong!”
She cracks me up!
Life is good. Our children are a priceless gift, and I am a happy Momma.


2 thoughts on “Northern Phuket

    Linda Bascom Govatos said:
    December 12, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    What a fantastic life!! Love all the pictures, thank you for keeping up your blog…I look so forward to reading it every night!! Love all of you so much!


      belindagovatos responded:
      December 13, 2017 at 2:13 am

      Thank you Mom, we love you and dad forever!


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