Who’s the Alpha?

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When we returned to Bali from Phuket, the dogs greeted us with major tail wags and kisses. Stanley ‘talked’ for some time, telling us all about their adventures while we were gone. Angel was so happy as well, but let Stanley do all the talking. I realize now, that part of the reason he was quiet is because he was silently stewing about the fact that Danny was home…he recognized that he had competition for the Alpha Dog spot, and wasn’t very happy about it.Usually when we get home, I unpack completely, put everything away and get a load of laundry going before I sit down to relax. Danny, on the other hand, opens is suitcase in the middle of the floor and as each day goes by it looks more and more like a textile factory exploded in our room. Angel saw Danny’s open suitcase as an opportunity and lifted his leg to the open suitcase, then scrambled outside to continue marking his territory. The new rule: no dogs in the house. Angel couldn’t care less but Stanley is fighting it and thinks it’s unfair.

It rained so much the first few days that we were home. The parking area of our yard right outside the main gates, were completely flooded.

Outside our villa the street flooded and the canal overflowed. The local kids broke out a surfboard and played in it all day.

When Danny and I had to leave to run some errands, we had a blast riding through the flooded streets.

We drove an hour up to Ubud to visit with our friends, the Amat family, and loved snuggling with their sweet baby.

What a sweet little guy.

This short 10 day span we have here in Bali, before heading to the US, is action packed with errands and preparation for Christmas, continued preparation the get our villa Airbnb ready and then traveling. Since we will be gone for a month we have listed our home and have just booked our first guests. Danny and I have been so excited.

Right after I’d cleaned the living room really well, Danny had spoken sternly to Angel about his territory marking issues, and about five minutes later we walked into the living room to find that he had opened the door, brought two birds in and spread feathers EVERYWHERE! The poor birds had naked patches and sat starring and wondering what on earth had just happened. I’m not entirely sure who Alpha dog is at this point, but I think Danny must be in the lead because he’s in the house and Angel isn’t!

Being back in Bali has been wonderful. I never tire of the 100’s of shades of green, the crazy scooter rides and the smell of incense and spices in the air.

Mt Aging continues to blow steam and ash, which has made for some very quiet streets and beaches. Though it’s more peaceful, I realize it’s financially devastating for the community.
We recently received word that our tickets to the US with China Southern Airlines, were cancelled, so I’ve been on the phone each day trying to reschedule.
Life is good. I am so grateful for this Blessed time of year as I contemplate our Saviors birth.


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