Day: December 27, 2017

Heading to the US

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Christmas was wonderful! We felt so blessed to have Danny with us and enjoyed a relaxing day at home as a family. Since Christmas trees are pretty much non existent in Bali, we used a potted bamboo plant as our tree.

The creatures lined up just like they did when they were little, and were such a joy – as always full of love and sweetness with each other. We shared so many laughs and made many more priceless memories.

Emma was so surprised when Mycah gave her this crazy looking jacket for Christmas. Emma likes wild looking stuff and saw it in the store a while back and loved it. Mycah recently purchased it on a good sale and Emma is so excited! She plans on wearing it everywhere she goes in the US! It’s grand…just like her personality.

Jude and Mycah went to the Bali airport the day after Christmas to leave on their trip, just to find out that China Southern Airlines has cancelled all travel to and from Bali till January 8th. The girls quickly rerouted with Korean air and left later that night. Max also left to return to New Zealand. It was fun to have him hang with us. Just for the record, we’ve had several of our blog reading friends ask if Max is in a relationship with any of the girls, and the answer is no. He’s an awesome friend and the creatures love him like a brother. Thanks for trying to play match maker though lol.

When the girls reached Seoul, Korea, I told them they were now Seoul Mates. The two of them are having so much fun traveling together. Their sisters, Ashley and Aundrea, will pick them up in Salt Lake City, and wait for the twins and I to arrive tomorrow. We’ll be kidnapping Aundrea and taking her back to Idaho with us since she’s on school break.
Danny left to return to Hong Kong yesterday morning. I missed him the second he was gone. It has been such a treat to spend 10 days with him! We’ll see him again in February.

The twins and I have been playing tourist as we wait for our flight out tonight. We left home yesterday and stayed the night in a hotel, as our villa is being prepped today for Airbnb guests to arrive and stay while we are gone.

It’s been fun exploring streets and alleyways here in Seminyak. It’s definitely a touristy part of Bali, with tons of little stores and scooters everywhere we look.

Hindu offerings have been reverently laid at every intersection and doorway as we walk through town,

and some have been artistically arranged in interesting places…

We passed this little stand, and I thought it was funny.

Aidan and Emma are so much fun to be with. It’s strange being Momma to 11 creatures and having only 2 left to hang with right now. I feel kinda naked.

But, they certainly have enough spunk, creativity and humor to make up for several people though, so in some ways it still feels like there are more of them around. Our little cabooses! I love them!!!

We will arrive in SLC tomorrow and begin our month long adventure in the US. We are so excited to see friends and family and are a little nervous for the cold. It’ll be a blast and a half.