Day: February 2, 2018

Loving Montana

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The Creatures and I have decided that as far as living on land goes…Montana has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

On our way to Nebraska, we took a detour and visited our sailing friends (s/v Zatara) at their beautiful cabin.

They met us at the base of the mountain since our 2WD rental truck was too gutless to make it, and as soon as they exited their vehicles we all embraced with giant hugs! It was so good to see them. The Creatures had so much catching up to do and spent every second laughing/chatting/playing together.

We bundled up in borrowed snow clothes and loaded up on snow mobiles and made our way to ‘The Bowl’ – a fantastic place to sled.

Aidan, Jack and Finn were really brave on ski scooters.

Keith was an absolute (skilled) maniac on the snowmobile.

And everyone enjoyed tubing and sledding for a couple of days while Renee and I took way too many photos,

until they were so sore from crashing,

and wet and cold – ready for the hot tub!

What an amazing group of boat kids, who care so much about each other!

The hot tub felt so good!!!

The best part of it all was just being together.

There’s something magical about being with the Zatara crew. Maybe it’s Keith’s delicious cooking….

or maybe it’s that we all have sailing in common with shared time on the water together and love laughing and playing as one big goofy family…

I think it’s all of it! Our kids get along so well, Renee is an amazing BFF and who can’t love Keith! He reminds me so much of Danny – a little boy in a big mans body! It was tough to say good bye to them when it was time to leave, but we all knew that we’d meet up somewhere in the not too distant future again. The morning that Keith drove us down to our truck, was gorgeous with fresh falling snow.

Our next adventure would take us on an 850 mile road trip to visit Hunter, Nonna and sweet baby Zailyn, and we were so excited!!!