Day: February 7, 2018

The adventure continues

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After leaving our sweet friends in Montana, we were all so excited to see Hunter, Nonna and Zailyn! Our journey was as always, full of laughs, conversation and beautiful memories made. Danny and I had met Zailyn right after she was born, but Jude, Mycah and the twins had never met her. I made sure they all understood that I was going to be the first to get to hold her!!!

It was so sweet to watch the creatures with their beautiful little niece. Mycah started to cry when she held her and mentioned how absolutely perfect she is.


Hunter was amazed at how much Aidan had grown in the last 18 month. Not much longer and Hunter (who is 6’3) will no longer be the tallest of them all.

I love the way these creatures love each other. As a mother, I can’t think of a greater gift.

We spent every day playing with our beautiful little Angel, who took to us immediately.

She painted with Aunt Jude….

played the guitar with Dad and Aunt Mycah…

It was such a treat to listen to Hunter and Mycah sing and play together. I’m not sure Heavens choirs could deliver anything sweeter.

Aunt Emma drover Zailyn around at the laundromat,

Uncle Aidan taught her how to hi-five…

and Aunt Kjira played and cuddled and carried and loved.

Uncle Jonathan had to work and couldn’t make it. We had so much fun helping Nonna and Hunter prepare for Zailyns first birthday party. Nonna had already done so much and we just help with last minute details. We made some trips into town for supplies – never missing an opportunity for love and laughs.

Hunter and Aidan relaxed a bit and played games once in a while and while eating ice cream we watched movies and played with baby Z in the evenings.

The birthday party was mermaid themed – since Zailyn is the newest little mermaid, so Kjira used her amazing art skills and whipped up some posters for games.

We made an octopus veggie tray,

Cookie clams, which became Zailyns friends. She would motion for me to take her over to the fridge so we could peek in and see if they were asleep yet. Crazy little critters never did go to sleep, keeping their eyes open all the way to digestion!

We made dolphin yoghurt cups,

Starfish rice cookie treats,

Seaweed grape skewers,

and Hunter and Nonna ordered her a beautiful cake.

Emma kept with Hawaiian tradition and made Zailyn a beautiful flower lei.

She of course looked gorgeous in it!

The party was a great success!

Hunter and Nonna are amazing parents. The spend so much time playing with and loving Zailyn,

and balance it beautifully with disciplining her well and allow yours truly to spoil her to my hearts content!

We kissed our Angel,

and cuddled her for 10 days! Though no amount of time in the world would be enough.

When it came time to say ‘see you later’, none of us were very happy.

Getting a serious photo of the creatures was practically impossible.

Ok maybe literally impossible.

Ya. It just doesn’t work!

Goof ball! How can Danny and I be so blessed?

We love our beautiful little family so much.