Storm before the calm

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It’s been a crazy few weeks – hence my lack of blogging. So much has happened – some of it big deal stuff, so here’s a brief recap….

We got my sweet mom moved from Firth to Idaho Falls with the help of the amazing Keck Family. They are always so willing to help where ever possible and we are so grateful for their friendship.

Jude learned so much at the Children’s Book Conference in New York, and now has important contacts that will be of great help to her along the way. Other writers there, were impressed with her writing and encouraged her to keep pushing through the difficult task of becoming published. She then flew to Florida where she completed her Power boat 2 course and STCW. She’s pretty bonified now.

Mycah returned to us after the New York trip, having loved her time there, and has since then returned to Bali (arriving last night), to attend her Yoga Teacher Training course. She read us her schedule for the next several weeks, and it is grueling. She’ll be training for about 10 hours a day and on top that have all sorts of studying to do – everything from human anatomy to the history of yoga and meditation and everything in between. She’s so passionate about it and we love watching her progress.

We helped Kjira get moved into her apartment- again with the help of the Kecks. Mycah, our little interior decorator, help her pick out things to make it homey. She’s all settled now with two pet frogs, Sebastian and Prince, to keep her company.

We bowled and played and watched movies in between, catching up with so many wonderful people.

Bernadine and Reed McCandless got married two or three weeks ago,

and last week our beautiful daughter, Ashley, married the wonderful Michael Leighner. We are so excited to have Mike as a son.

Ashley was an exquisite bride to her handsome companion, and Danny and I couldn’t be more excited!

We were grateful that Danny was able to make it. After the wedding and some time with Aundrea, Jake and Jordan,

we loaded up 9 checked bags,6 backpacks, an ukulele in a hard case, and 5 full grown humans into a little white clown car, and drove to Mona, Utah, where we dropped Mycah off.

The rest of us continued on to St George to spend the night with the Nell Family. It was strange to have only the twins with us! Their larger than life personalities make up for it though! We loved our time with the Nells, and the next morning continued on to LA.

On the way we were actually able to walk outside without being bundled up for the first time in 2 months!!!

Check out the worlds largest thermometer…66 degrees!

Jude wanted to surprise the twins and fly into LAX when she was done in Florida, so we hung out at Venice beach while waiting for her flight to arrive.

It’s always fun to be there, and it was of course wonderful to see the ocean.

Reuniting with Jude was wonderful. We missed her so much.

We then drove to Nipomo where mom and dad live, and love catching up with them. Today Danny and Aidan will go flying since Aidan is interested in it as a career, and we also stopped at the Santa Barbara Mission, which was founded in 1786.

We met some goofy looking friars…

Bless their hearts!

Since we were missing Kjira we grabbed a bag of her favorite chips, which have become one of our favorites…

If you haven’t tried them, put them on your shopping list!

Danny will fly out on 3/4 and the twins and I will fly out on 3/6, at which time Jude will make her way to St George to spend a few days with the Nell Family. She will help transport a 50’ catamaran from St Lucia to Nassau, Bahamas, soon after that.

So there it is. Life is busy, but so good. We are so grateful for our health so that we can accomplish all this nonsense, and look forward to getting settled again, as we continue to save up for our next boat. Speaking of getting settled, my mom has since moved back to Firth. She is much happier there and feels relieved to be back where her Firth family is.


One thought on “Storm before the calm

    Scott Byrnes said:
    March 1, 2018 at 1:03 pm

    Your lives are full. To be honest, I had to go back and reread a couple of times as you had my head spinning. “God is great, Beer is good, People are Crazy!”


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