Loving Phuket, Thailand

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Every day we spend in Phuket, we fall deeper in love with it.

The scenery is beautiful,

The food is cheap and so delicious,

and the company has been fantastic!

I can’t tell you how weird it is to be down to 2 creatures right now! I keep looking around frantically, wondering where the others have disappeared to. But, the twins have personalities filled with humor and spunk that make up for a crowd of people, so it feels like there are more of us around.
Danny made it back to us, after transporting the jet he flies to Switzerland for maintenance, and hopefully we get to hold him hostage for about a month.

We have been exploring, and loving the warmth, ocean air and friendly Thai smiles.

We came across this interesting monument, erected after the tsunami – symbolizing the waves, currents and water movement that build within the ocean, gathering strength and volume, rolling forward onto the land.

Aidan and Emma found some hideous fish flip flops that they are determined to purchase for their ‘adopted’ big brother, Kalin Keck. Crazy thing is that I know he’d wear them!

We have been enjoying a constant supply of fresh fruit, especially mangoes, watermelon and passion fruit.

We did try some new chips, which we gave a thumbs up. Most chips here have fish or seaweed flavoring, which doesn’t jive with my universe though.

One of the things that crack me up, is the insane electric wire webs that run along every roadway…

Today we cooled off in the gorgeous water of the Andaman Sea,

Enjoyed gazing over lazy boats at anchor,

And plodded across a long pier.

Regardless of what we do, we just love being together, teasing, laughing and loving. Danny was kind enough to stop and let me out when I saw a beautiful pond full of water lilies that I just had to photograph…

Blossoms were in purple, pink and white,

and Lilly pads were spread wide in a beautiful shade of green.

As usual, I took far too many photos!

I also found a blob of frogs eggs…it’s a good thing I didn’t have a blow torch with me!

Our down time has been spent relaxing in the pool here at the hotel. Check out how long Aidan’s hair is when his curls are straightened out in the water!

While here in Phuket, we have been looking at rental homes. Our plan is to head back to Bali next week, spend a couple weeks enjoying the island and gathering our stuff, then moving here to Phuket. We love this place and are ready to explore Thailand. We have looked at 4 homes so far, and will see 3 more tomorrow and will make a decision by the end of the day tomorrow. Our villa in Bali has been doing well as an Airbnb, so we’ll continue to run it as that.

Mycah is doing splendidly in her Yoga Teacher Training and earning so much. We can’t wait to see her next week.
Life is good, we are so grateful for this beautiful world we love exploring, and for our health to enjoy it.


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