Day: March 28, 2018

Beautiful Bali

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There are so many things I love about Bali, and I especially love the hardworking, constantly smiling, Balinese people. A few days ago we visited with our dear friends in Ubud, and just before sunset I slipped out with my camera and quietly walked into an area of rice fields behind their house.

The air was still warm from the day but I could feel a coolness from the knee high rice plants surrounding me. I walked the narrow paths that meander between fields, feeling absolute peace in the tranquility. The endless green was interrupted only by altars standing strong and tall, ready for offerings to the Gods…because no matter where one works in Bali – whether it be in a parking garage, a store in the middle of town, or a rice field, religion comes first and altars are found for offerings to be made several times a day.

I thought of the backbreaking work so many had already gone through to get the paddies to this point. The planting and weeding and watering, as well as the work that was yet to come.

Just before the sky turned orange, droplets of water formed on the plants surrounding me, and like tiny crystals, they reflected the last of the suns rays.

I said a pray, watched the last of the setting sun, then walked back to house where the crowd was enjoying each others company.

I found Emma, who has always been weary of small babies, completely at ease with sweet little Pierre in her arms.

A sailing friend that Jude made in Florida, has come to visit for a few days. We adore her her. Her name is Rebecca.
Mycah, Rebecca and I, took a scooter ride to show her around, and as usual, felt the warmth of the Balinese culture.

Roosters pecked at offerings laid down on sidewalks,

and women gathered to prepare flowers and food to place in offering baskets.

I love these women and their dedication.

Marigold lei’s drape the necks of sacred statues, like Dharma,

and Ganesha.

Plants have been decorated with hollowed out eggs for Easter,

And decorations still stand proudly in the streets.

These faces,

these dedicated people, have left such a great impact on my heart.

After our little excursion on scooters we returned home – me following Rebecca and Mycah, the Melon Heads, the entire way.

I’m so grateful we still have the villa in Bali, even though we are moving to Phuket, so we can return often to our Bali family. Our villa will continue to be an Airbnb while we are away.