Mycah…the Pro Yogi!!!

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We are so proud of Mycah!

She totally rocked her YTT (Yoga teacher training) with hours of incredibly difficult physical and mental work. She was the youngest in her group of 9, and did such an incredible job.

At her graduation she was complimented on her talent and was told that she was born to teach yoga – a natural. We are so excited to watch Mycah enjoy this great accomplishment.

Just a couple hours after her graduation, Danny, the twins and I headed for the airport, where we endured a couple of hours of “we can’t find your name in our system”, “yes we see your e-ticket but we don’t have you in the computer” and finally, “that’ll be an extra $1200 in luggage fees…” We finally made the flight, but only because they waited for us. It’s always a little disconcerting to walk the isle as heads slowly turn upward and toward us, eye’s glaring and teeth exposed on those that are still awake, as they give you that look of, “so you’re the reason why take off was delayed!” It made me want to have popsicles to hand out as peace offerings.
Actually, everyone was kind and we soon settled in to an extremely empty flight, lay across 3 seats and fell asleep.
It was wonderful to arrive home in Phuket, unpack and settle in.

I have a habit of feeling the need to unpack and settle in completely. Immediately. So, that’s what I did.
Across the street from our house is a field where kids congregate to play soccer.

Even though we have a large pool in our back yard, the community we live in has two pools we are allowed to use as well.

There’s also a gym, which means we have no excuse…

This morning while Danny slept I went for a walk and enjoyed the fresh morning air. Bird song filled the air, and I offered a quiet prayer of gratitude for life and the beauties of nature. I waked down a narrow path which everyone uses as a shortcut to the gym,

and came across a small shrine in a beautiful setting…

A large tree stands tall and wide, with sap hardened and hanging from its outreached branches.

A large meandering pond covers a open area just beyond the beautiful tree, and across the pond is our home, reflected in the water.

I walked along the bank, watching for frogs, and didn’t see one! Several birds chirped and sang, and dragonflies hovered just above the waters surface, then darted off on other adventures.I finally reached the bridge that crosses the pond, leading to our house, and stopped to gaze at the beautiful scene.

It feels so good to be here. It’s good to be home.


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