Day: April 11, 2018

Settling in

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The past few days have been settling in time for this tribe. We haven’t done much for several reason – one of them being that Mycah had less than a week to unpack and move in, then pack and head off to Hawaii for a coupe of months. During that time we loved every second with her and the beautiful spirit and energy she adds to our home. She did have enough time to fall in love with a baby at the night market.

We love night markets, day markets and any other kind of local markets. The variety of fresh fruit here in Phuket is incredibly abundant, ranging from 3 different kids of mangoes, to lychees, passion fruit, red and yellow watermelon, pampelmousse, mangostine, rambutan, bananas of all shapes and sizes, the sweetest pineapples you’ll ever taste, and so many more. It’s what we live on.

We attended a church activity the other night while Danny was flying to Singapore, and the food at the function was delicious…

It consisted of a bag of sticky rice rolled into a ball, watermelon, spicy papaya salad, chicken balls and various fresh plants. The only plant I recognized was basil, while the others were quite spicy and one tasted just like grass. Good stuff!
We played games together as a group, took a picture then went our separate ways. Such incredibly sweet people whom I am excited to get to know.

This week we drove to the Patong Beach area, which is always a bit of a mad house.

Cruise ships offload tourists from all over the world and sunburned Russians stroll through town in nothing but their budgie smugglers (and sometimes a shirt if you’re lucky)

Everywhere one looks, businesses are open with workers at the entrance trying to lure people in…massages, nails, clothing, tailored suits, crafts, souvenirs….all claiming to have the best price and to have created their goods by hand.

We are grateful to live where chaos turns to country and bustling roads turn to meandering paths through forests, fields and beaches. We have discovered an otter that lives in the ponds around our home. He’s very shy and terribly cute! Aidan named him Oswald…Ozzy for short.

As a family we have been working out at the gym, and when no one but us is in there, I’ll sing out loud to the songs on my phone and embarrass Aidan as much as possible. It just seems like the right thing to do. Last night he reassured me that it’s not my voice, it’s the song. Hahaha what a funny boy.

Danny and I just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary, and he was so sweet to find me a road bike so I can get back to cycling again – one of my passions. What a wonderful gift. These last four years have been a time of growing, learning and loving.

We love being here and love the Thai people. We love their smiles, their comments about Aidan’s hair looking like chow mien noodles, and their beautiful country. Life is good, and we are grateful.