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The visa on arrival here in Thailand is good for 30 days. This means that until we are able to acquire other visas, we must make a ‘visa run’ every 30 days – traveling somewhere outside of Thailand, and upon re-entry receive another 30 day visa.Danny recently had a work trip to Singapore, so while he was there I joined him for a couple of days, and was incredibly impressed by the cleanliness and beauty of the city.

Streets, parking lots and sidewalks were clean and well kept. All those we came in contact with were friendly, courteous and helpful, and the style and architecture of all that surrounded was aesthetically incredible.

I’m not a city girl, but Singapore is one that I could return to several times…for a visit.

Our room was on the twelfth floor, which gave us a far reaching view of the sprawling city.

The view became especially impressive once night time arrived…

I was impressed by how efficiently the city runs – all is orderly, efficient, easy to use and understand, and adds concerning being friendly, helpful and clean, are constantly shown on billboards around the city. We went to a movie while there, and purchased our tickets at an electronic contraption rather than a ticket counter. I mentioned to Danny that places like Singapore make much of the US seem like it’s been left in the dark ages.

These bicycles are well kept and found everywhere through the city for people to use, and a great amount of shopping is done in brightly lit shopping malls and grocery store under ground – reducing traffic on the streets. It’s all quite impressive.

When I returned home, the twins and I had 5 days remaining to get them ready for their trip to Hawaii. They have been planning this trip for quite some time and are paying for their own tickets. It is amazing to witness my babies plan and prepare for a trip – independently, and doing an amazing job at it. What impressive young travelers!

When we dropped them off, I was determined not to cry, and held back tears till they were no longer in sight. Their journey took them to Beijing, China, for an 18 layover, during which time they checked into a hotel that Danny booked for them on points, pigged out in the Executive lounge to their hearts content, then finally made their way back to the airport when it was time and continued on to Oahu, then Kona. They dealt with and took care of lost luggage and emerged to greet their sisters in Hawaii with big smiles and giant hugs. Jude and Mycah placed lei’s around their necks and were so excited to be reunited with them. I’m so proud of them all. (Of course, I didn’t doubt the twins could do it, or I wouldn’t have allowed them to go!)

Aidan said the greatest part about the trip was that the airline dubbed him as the man in charge and labeled Emma as his minor. That extra 5 minutes of age has finally given him some superiority over her, and I have no doubt he’ll ever let her forget it!

Two days after Aidan and Emma left, Danny departed on a 10 day trip, which leaves me as a solo sailer for the first time in my entire existence! That’s right… for the very first time in my life, I have no creatures or husband around! I plan on spending my time reading, writing, exploring, photographing, taking Thai cooking classes, relaxing on the beach and painting the town red. Phuket will never be the same again!


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