Catching up – Family

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Since more of our family was arriving in Yakima, we rented airbnb’s for the remainder of our time there, and enjoyed time together all under one roof. I had frequent appointments with Dr Meirelles, where my surgery sites were checked, meds adjusted and physical therapy began. Each time we visited the office we felt like we were meeting with family members, as they welcomed us with smiles and open arms, and I, for the first time in a very long time, could stand at my full height and without any pain. I am so grateful.

When my mom was a little girl, one of her fondest memories was eating ‘gum’ from trees out in the bush in Africa. She preferred it to any candy. Mycah, my mom and I came across a tree with gum on it, and made several trips to it, filling ziplock bags with the sticky golden treat. My mom enjoyed every bit of it, making sounds of delight as she chewed. It was so precious to watch.

The most wonderful part of being in Yakima, was having our beautiful Creatures around me. Six of the original 7 (Jonathan had to work), were there, and well as two precious additions, Nonna and Zailyn.

We spent hours playing,

going for walks and wheelchair rides,

watching movies, and laughing and cuddling.

Regardless of how much time all the Aunties and Uncles spent with her, her absolute favorite person, was Oupa!!!

Nonna is such an amazing mother to Zailyn, and a wonderful daughter to us. We adore her and love the energy and love she has brought into our life and Hunter’s life.

The competition continues with Hunter and Aidan, and so far hunter is still taller but Aidan is SO close behind…I’m not sure I got an accurate photo, because the two of them kept jumping and standing on their toes.

After our time in Yakima, we spent ten days in California with Mom and Dad. We loved every second with them and wish we could whisk them away and bring them here to Thailand with us.

Being back in Thailand has been wonderful. It’s good to be home back in the warmth, where continued adventures await…


One thought on “Catching up – Family said:
    December 17, 2018 at 9:36 pm

    Loved all of the beautiful pictures, Belinda. I don’t know how to reach you and Dan, but I tried today and it didn’t work. Wanted to let you know that your Dad fell down last night, going to the bathroom, and broke his right hip! He’s in surgery right now, so I’ll let you know how it goes. Say a special prayer for him…he talks about how much he loves you, and you know I feel the same.


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