Glory days in Thailand

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Our daily routines are filled to overflowing with plenty of hard work, as well as oodles of fun, as we enjoy this beautiful country of Thailand.

We love spending time with Caleb and Jude. It’s been wonderful feeling their energy in the home. Caleb has become quite attached to ‘The Beast’, and takes it on fresh water runs for us, as well as loading creatures up for trips to the beach. It has a rather loud muffler and draws plenty of attention, since ordinarily only locals drive the bikes with side carts. Somehow our family seems to draw attention no matter the place we travel!

Here at the house we are renting, there is a game room, where many pool and foosball games are played. Emma is quite the ninja at foosball!

I love watching the concentration on everyones faces as they attempt to beat each other.

The creatures have made several friends as they meet families that come and go. Recently we met some wonderful people from Botswana, and their kids spent a couple of days with us. There was much swimming, game playing, eating, exploring beaches and hysterical laughing, the entire time.

We continue to find new fruits and vegetables to try – one of my new favorites is the mountain apple. I tried it while living in Hawaii, but have just really enjoyed it here. They are really crisp and so delicious.

Mycah has become very attached to a sweet little boy who’s family is in our church. When ever Mycah picks him up, he snuggles right into her, lays his head on her chest and falls asleep. Often he will also just lay cuddled on her – wide awake for long periods of time. She often tears up when he does this, and loves him so much.

We really love the Thai people. We love their funny little quirks and traditions, and their sweet spirits. We love the way they enjoy their incredibly spicy food so much, the way they light up when we attempt to communicate with them in Thai, and also the way they always take their shoes off when entering a home or business. This photo is of outside the dental office. I love it.

Thailand continues to WOW us with its beautiful islands,

wonderful traditions,

Sense of humor,

and amazing night markets.

We never know how long we will live in a certain area, since we enjoy travel and exploring so much, but while we are here, we’ll just keep soaking it all in!


One thought on “Glory days in Thailand said:
    February 6, 2019 at 11:43 am

    Thank you for all of the wonderful pictures!!! I thought Dan said you have to move to China…is that still true?  Dad and I are being very well taken care of here at Denise’s. It’s really taken the load off from my shoulders…all the Doctor appointments, special meals, and etc. that Dad requires, are handled by the family. How is your recovery progressing Belinda? We love all of you so much, and hope we’ll get to see you. Mom and Dad


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