Day: September 9, 2019

Switzerland countryside

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Remember the scene in Mary Poppins where she jumps into a painting and is instantly immerse in a magical scene…well, the countryside in Switzerland, actually everywhere in Switzerland, feels that way. Everywhere you look is beautiful. Greens are greener, the sky has more character, flowers are fuller, and crops growing are large and healthy. It’s jaw dropping. Overwhelming. Breathtaking.

Danny and I went for a drive just a few miles out of picturesque Zurich, and found ourselves in a the countryside. Most of the fields were so lush it just seemed unreal! Old farm houses were like those from picture books with splashes of color in every scene.

Beautiful homes with bulging window boxes filled with geranium, sweet potato vines and aster, complete each glance in a thousand directions, so magically.

Tiny villages dot the landscape, each with their own history of families living and working together to create their bliss.

Churches with beautiful steeples stand proud and tall, holding within them memories of beautiful brides, grand sermons and weeping mothers.

Even a lonesome weathered cross seemed perfectly placed…the spot where a loved one lays overlooking the endless beauty.

Though three quarters of cultivated areas are flowing with thick meadows and pasture, sugar beets, wheat, apples, grapes, carrots and potatoes are the main crops of Switzerland. Like patchwork quilts, we looked over fields of varying color and texture of leafy greens and onions.

Just around the bend we were met by a thick grove of hornbeam trees, forming an irresistible tunnel leading to a perfect light.

The feeling of peace in the woods was overwhelming, and just when we emerged on the other side feeling like our surroundings couldn’t be any more peaceful or beautiful, a farm immersed in flowers lay before us.

Endless rows of gladiolus reached heavenward like a rainbow of angels, and sunflowers gathered in a congregation of yellow heads humbly watching their sermon from the sun.

Switzerland is a spiritual experience. Its the whole meal including appetizers, drinks and a delicious dessert. I love this place. Where else, does a bicycle leaning up against a home complete an already perfect picture?