Luzern, Switzerland

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The craziest thing happened! Without knowing, my wonderful friend Elayne, traveled to Zurich within just a few hours of Danny and I. She didn’t know – we didn’t know, and we hadn’t seen each other in five years.

So, we found each other, finally met her wonderful sweetheart, Eric, and spent the day exploring Luzern (AKA Lucerne), which is a 45 minute drive from Zurich.

Luzern is the most populous town in central Switzerland, and is so picturesque on the Reuss River. One of it’s famous landmarks is Chapel Bridge, which was built in the 14th century.

Part of the bridge, is an octagonal 113ft tall Wasserturm, which translates to water tower. The tower existed about 30 years before the bridge did, and has been used as a prison, torture chamber, and municipal archive as well as a local treasury.

The beautiful bridge Kapellbrucke, is a footbridge that spans the Reuss River, overflowing with red geraniums, and was named the Chapel Bridge because St Peter’s Chapel is on the river close to it.

In the distance behind Luzern Jesuit Church, is Mount Pilatus which is part of the Swiss Alps.

Construction of the baroque Jesuit Church began in 1667, and was consecrated in 1677, though some parts of the interior were not completed yet. Upon entering the front doors we became speechless, as our minds and vision were whisk away by angelic choirs and intricate art.

Rich milk chocolate wood pews neatly lined the floor and various shades of peach paint rose up from floor to ceiling in breathtaking detail, accented with gold.

Every inch of every detail molded, filed and painted to perfection, and brilliant chandeliers illuminate each masterpiece as if each were the only treasure.

Our eyes were drawn heavenward and found above us a ceiling covered in perfectly framed murals – each containing detail and color of scenes like the Glory of Saint Francis Xavier, who was a patron of Luzern’s Jesuit Church.

Marble side altars – each a perfect work of art, are displayed within each of the arches on either side of the main chapel.

The streets and alleys of Luzern are also works of art. Lush ivy and cobblestone streets frame each scene.

Incredible rich paintings decorate the exterior walls of already amazing architecture – an overwhelming buffet of color and texture creating a mood of reverence even in the streets.

Many of these beautiful buildings have quaint restaurants beneath them, serving nothing but deliciousness like fondu, baguettes, hundreds of cheeses, Raclette and Älplermagronen, accompanied by fines wines and freshly brewed beers.

Clock towers, hotels that look like castles and ancient steeples add to the romance,

each with their own perfect door and threshold.

Our day in Luzern is one that will be fondly remembered and spoken about years from now…and one day, we will bring our grandchildren and walk the same cobbled streets and they will feel the beauty and be left standing in awe, too.


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