Family in Epidavros, Greece

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Danny’s dad is a dark curly haired handsome Greek with beautiful brown eyes, gorgeous olive skin and dashing smile. It’s where we get the last name Govatos from, and we are very proud of it. We made contact with our family that lives in Epidavros, which is located in the eastern part of Argoils Peninsula. Our drive over from Athens was absolutely gorgeous.

Olive, almond and fig trees dot the landscape everywhere, mixed with pine, pomegranate and jacaranda, and the Aegean Sea is an inviting blue the color of peace. We passed several fish farms, where sea bass and sea bream, are farmed.

We passed by Old Epidavros, which was a scene that will never leave my mind – sailboats in the bay and a quiet town nestled in the olive trees.

Kathy and Richard are some of the biggest hearted, generous, beautiful people I know, and we had so much fun spending time with them.

They live in a beautiful home with a breathtaking view of citrus orchids, olive trees, the quaint town of New Epidavros down in the valley, with the Aegean Sea and Greek Isles as a backdrop.

When we awoke from an amazing nights sleep in a beautiful suite in their home, we were greeted by Kathy with home made coffee cake, greek yoghurt with honey and delicious juices. Richard took us out to the back yard to pick fresh purple figs, which were standing healthy and tall amidst olive trees and grape vines. Heaven on earth! The figs were sweeter than any I’ve tasted!

We drove to the Epidaurus Ancient Theater, where in the 4th Century, 34 rows were built to seat admirers of dramatic performances.

In Roman times, another 21 rows were added, making it possible for 14000 people to be seated.

As we walked the rows and sat on the seats, Danny and I imagined the people, their clothing, voices and performances – all there right where we sat. What incredible history!

Large rectangular arches mark the entrance and exits, and in the center of the arena, a gentleman stood and sang opera just to see and feel what it would have been like all those years ago. It sounded beautiful and was easy to see why this theater was admired so much for its acoustics. The view and breeze up high was wonderful.

We sat and quietly chatted, trying to absorb it all, then continued in to the museum close by.

Several statues and sculptures lined the walls, including remnants of columns and artifacts.

Our next stop was Napflia, which according to mythology, is a beautiful little town founded by Napflios, the son of Poseidon and the daughter of Danaus Anymone.

Not far off shore is Bourtzi, a picturesque Venetian fortress that was at one point connected to the main palace by a huge metal chain, which secured the fort against enemy ships.

The view of Napflia can be seen from high roads that reach beautiful towers,

and looking over into the bay on the backside of the peninsula, more beautiful shoreline continues on for miles.

The town of Napflia is gorgeous, with old buildings overflowing with character and the smell of delicious foods in the air. Together we enjoyed a meal from heaven, overlooking the inviting clear waters.

There’s never enough time to spend with family, and it was difficult to say ‘see you later’ to Kathy and Richard. But, we’ll be back for sure, and when we return, we know that view will still be there, and more importantly, those wonderful warm hugs.


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