Day: December 13, 2020

Leap of faith

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Yesterday my journey carried me 2200 miles, to a marina on the Hudson River. 

The air carries the perfect amount of humidity, and 50 degrees feels colder. 

 The road I am on has brought me to a beautiful boat named Yellow Rose, where I will be crewing for a while. I’m not sure how long I’ll be here, but I do know I will learn much as I get my sea legs back and help with projects on the boat preparing to throw off the dock lines. Captain Stan’s plan is to head down the East Coast to warmer weather, explore Florida…Bahamas…Cuba…

Yellow Rose is is a Gulfstar Sailmaster 50, built in 1983. Her teak interior is warm and inviting – just as a mothers arms should be. 

Our boat, Tanda Malaika, felt like a mother to all of us on board. She carried us through beautiful waters, troubled storms and hurricane force winds…and in the end, even with hulls breached on a reef in French Polynesia, she kept us safe until the coast guard lifted us from her and carried us off into the night.

Yellow rose has the same motherly warmth, and I look forward to feeling her move through the water as she carries me…holding me close as I call into the wind and once again feel salt spray on my face.