Day: December 17, 2020

Frigid Thursday

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This morning I awoke to the sound of howling winds, creaking dock lines and snow covered windows. The predicted winter storm had raged through the night and was breathing its icy breath, leaving a frigid mark for all in her path. The warmth of my electric blanket held me captive until finally I grabbed my clothes, and pulled them in to bed with me to warm them up. There’s nothing like sliding ice cold jeans onto warm legs…

When the snow first started falling last night, Captain Stan took a photo of Yellow Rose as she lay braving the cold:

This morning the docks had about a foot of freshly fallen snow on them.

Once again we hunkered down inside and began working on projects. Yellow Rose has hydraulic bow thrusters, so we filled the hydraulic fluid,

and after that, filled the fuel filters with diesel. Stan ran new cables to the big beautiful Perkins engine and fixed some other wiring in the engine room.

Yesterday I tackled the galley – reorganizing cupboards, consolidating and cleaning. She’s a happy galley at this point, and I now know where everything lives.

As the day progressed, the sun came out and the wind stopped howling for a short time.

After a while it picked up again, but in the meantime outside lines had a chance to thaw slightly and create beautiful images for us to admire…all while listening to John Denver as we worked.

I read a thought provoking quote this morning and have been contemplating it through the day:

It’s frightening to take leaps of faith. Change is difficult and can be so intimidating that we are often left unchanged because of fear. But, what if with each baby step into where we want to be – emotionally/physically/spiritually etc, we consciously take note of our strengths and growth, and focus on it rather than discouragement and fear. Before we know it, giant strides forward are made and we become powerful due to our newly grown strengths…despite fear.