Day: March 21, 2021

Back in Florida

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You know it’s a good day when you wake up to palm trees. They just don’t seem to grown well at 4800ft in the snow in Utah!

Yesterday Danny and I flew to Fort Lauderdale for our next adventure, leaving Mycah, Russell and Emma to tend to the house and chickens. It’s so wonderful to feel some humidity in the air, and to know that not far from our hotel, lies the vast ocean.

This journey brings us here because of a wonderful family: The Flanders.

When we lived in Phuket, Thailand, we met the Flanders at church, and invited them to our home. When they heard that we had lived on a sailboat and sailed for almost three years, they expressed how doing the same was one of their dreams, too. We have kept in touch ever since, and have had many talks about sailing, boat buying, monohulls vs. catamarans, provisioning, fishing while sailing, diving, etc.

We suggested that the best way to find out if sailing life is for you, is charter a boat and live the life hands on to get a taste. So, here we are in Florida…they will be chartering a catamaran and Danny and I will be captaining and teaching and showing them what living aboard is really like. We will teach them everything from provisioning to docking and all in between. It’s going to be epic!

The weather is beautiful, the company will be fantastic and the adventure will be recorded thoroughly as usual! Come along with us and enjoy the experience…