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I couldn’t sleep last night…I tossed and turned, then watched Netflix, then tossed and turned more, and the last time I looked at the clock it was 3am. Images of our boat, Tanda Malaika, were sailing through my head. Thoughts of the ocean, of secluded beaches, of full sails and of fishing lines set behind the boat.

Finally morning came and we met Mintaka.

She’s a beautiful 44ft Fontaine Pajot catamaran. After loading everything and a short boat briefing with the Flanders, we threw off the dock lines and set out through the inter coastal waterway. Danny and Matt looked like they knew what they were doing at the helm, while the rest of us continued to get things settled.

Little Ruby enjoyed watching the bridge open wide as if Moses had touched it.

It felt so good to feel the ocean breeze on my face, as Mintaka gently made her way through the water.

After about five hours we reached Miami, and dropped anchor in Biscayne Bay – just in time to whip up some tacos for dinner in the evening light. Dinner in the stern salon is always wonderful.

Matt and Gina are such beautiful souls, and we are loving spending time with them and their sweet family.

Sunset over the bay was fantastic, and as it set we all decided that it would be a good idea for us to retire for the night. Tomorrow morning we will set sail for Bahamas at 3am, allowing us to reach Cat Cay to check in by about noon.

Before heading to bed, I have a confession to make…. It’s hopeless. Emma introduced me and now I’m addicted. I sold all our bitcoin today to buy a warehouse full of these because I’m not sure I ever want to go without them. If you’ve never had them, don’t start. The sour apple flavor are especially delicious.

On that note, I’ll snuggle down in my berth and be rocked to sleep in the arms of Mintaka…until tomorrow, be well my friends.


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