Day: March 27, 2021

Fish On!!!

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This morning I woke up and grabbed my snorkel gear and camera, and set out to watch the sunrise. Sleeping, sunburned little munchkins lay sprawled and draped about the boat like Dali’s Clocks, and the Sapona looked eerie against the morning light.

Inside the rusty hull, stingray and turtle were already moving from patches of light, farther into shadows, and schools of reef fish breathed over swaying fans.

Absolute bliss…

Just as I began diving down to greet a a resting shark, a beautiful young turtle drifted past – its body lazily moving side to side in the current.

Coral, fans and sponges have slowly crept their way over the Sapona, breathing life back into the wreckage.

When I finally pulled myself away from exploring and reached Mintaka, everyone had woken up and were eating breakfast in the stern salon, and shortly afterward we set out for Honeymoon Cay.All sorts of animated excitement erupts when fishing reels whiz! I believe that the words, “FISH ON” could wake the dead!!!

Owen caught a small barracuda, and Matt brought in a gorgeous snapper after quite a fight.

The Bahamas are wrapped up in my favorite color…a peaceful shade of gorgeousness!

We splashed around Honeymoon Harbor, accompanied by friendly rays and nurse sharks. The rays swooped up over our legs as we sat in the shallows – their skin so soft and rigid tails extended.

While swimming back to the boat, sharks swam along side us – curiously circling back and forth. Their bodies sleek and one with the water.

We decided to dock in Alice Town to take on fresh water and spend the night, before heading to Grand Bahamas in the morning.

Locals directed us to a food truck where we feasted on lobster and shrimp with onions rings and fries.

As a perfect ending to a beautiful day, we watched the sun setting over the Caribben. Life is good, and it’s always wonderful to know that no matter what’s happening in the world, this is always here…waiting for us to return.