Alice Town to Grand Bahamas

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This morning we set sail for Grand Bahamas in light airs. Soon afterward, a beautiful breeze picked up and our sail to the north end was gorgeous with billowing sails and following seas. We set two hand lines and a rod, and immediately felt the tug…tuna on the hook.

Time and time again, the reels whizzed…each time we brought in something spectacular. Mahi Mahi are so beautiful and incredibly delicious – we brought in two of them with the intention of sharing with a local family.

We also caught a large barracuda, which we set free, and another red snapper. A 6 fish day is a fantastic day on the water!

Matt did a great job learning how to fillet the fish and is now officially a fillet master!

The closer we got to Grand Bahamas, the more container ships we saw. Freeport is the transshipment hub for the eastern seaboard of the US.

We reached Grand Bahamas in time to enjoy the sunset and the moon rising over the North end.

The kids were full of extra energy, so a quick dinghy ride to run around on shore, was in order…

Red snapper provided a delicious meal, followed by a game of Cover Your Assets, before bed.

Climbing into bed tonight, I’m able to check off yet another bucket list item…being bitten by a shark. I’m a little embarrassed to admit the breed and size of the shark, but it still counts! My hands were covered in smelly fish when we were feeding stingrays, and a young nurse shark mistook my fingers for food. Its tiny teeth in perfect little rows were razor sharp and left tiny cuts on my fingers. The bandaid on my thumb is from the fillet knife (I’m told I’m grounded from knives!) The scars on my body have fantastic stories to tell, and I will add these scrapes to the epistle with a smile on my face.


2 thoughts on “Alice Town to Grand Bahamas

    Katherene Lybbert Taylor said:
    March 28, 2021 at 7:24 pm

    Oh oh!! What a beautiful day!!!! Thank you for sharing ❤️


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