Final hours in Bahamas

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Wendy and Ferrin Flanders (also known on the boat as Grandma and Grandpa), have been so wonderful to spend time with. It’s a good idea to surround yourself with people you admire and hope to be like, and such beautiful souls like these two, are the perfect example of what kind of people we all should be.

In this short time, Grandpa has become quite the sailor!

Knowing that we had a short amount of time left before needing to stow the fenders and dock lines, raise the sails and head for Florida, we invited Tia and her beautiful children over for a swim and lunch at the marina. We cooked hotdogs and hamburgers on the BBQ and fed everyone including the marina staff.

These munchkins have not had been in the water much, and were so excited to swim. Matt tied a pool noodle around Brigham and spent considerable time with him – teaching him how to swim. By the end of the day, he put the fish to shame.

We all had a wonderful time relaxing, playing with the kids and picnicking, and Danny made some new friends.

This sweet little Angel took a nap in my arms after we’d splashed around for a while.

Whenever we are in Bahamas, it just seems like the right thing, to make conch fritters. I used my recipe from Big Mama, the beautiful Bahamian lady who taught me how to make them and shared her recipe with me. Owen has decided it’s his new favorite food.

Finally the time came when we needed to say our ‘see you later’s’ and head for the US. We decided to sail through the night so those that tend to get seasick can sleep – arriving in Fort Lauderdale by midday, which is when the boat is due back.

It’s tough leaving Bahamas. This place is so peaceful and incredibly beautiful. It’s great to know that regardless of what’s going on in life, Bahamas is always here…waiting for our return.


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