Day: December 3, 2015

Jell Fish Farm

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We accomplished so much again today, and it feels good climbing into bed knowing that.

Danny didn’t sleep well last night so this morning he wasn’t feeling 100%. He rested a bit and later felt better, and in the mean time, the creatures and I got busy. I whipped up a coleslaw to add to dinner tonight, and the girls got busy patching leaks on the old dinghy so we can try get it sold. I’m so proud of them, they did a fantastic job. Jonathan, Aidan and Emma worked hard on their school work.



I cleaned out the fridges, and also the galley cupboards, and when I was done I went to check on Danny and fell asleep next to him. I guess we must have needed it! We awoke about an hour later and got busy with the water maker installation. While working, the air conditioner kept turning off in the port hull and salon, so Danny opened up the floor boards to check it out. The AC had iced up, so he fixed that, and then undid the filter to make sure it was clean, and in it found that we were the proud news parents of about 6 baby jelly fish. They were swimming peacefully and loving life. I took the container outside and showed the girls and set them free, and Emma went back in with Skyler to retrieve a couple that had spilled into the bilge. When they set the first one free, Skyler sounded like a delivery room nurse as she exclaimed, ‘Awe, it’s a girl!’

Danny and I continued to work on the water maker and while we did, Skyler decided to alter some of her clothing from ideas she’d found online, so her, Jude and Mycah assisted her.

A new family member joined us today. Johanna, my sister’s oldest daughter, delivered a beautiful baby boy. We are so excited for her and her beautiful family.


This evening sunset was once again beautiful, and leaves me feeling so much gratitude for life, love and family.