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The Flanders family have been land sailing for the last two years. With an Airstream in tow and three sweet creatures in the backseat, they have traveled around exploring the US. Matt and Gina are a beautiful couple, and Danny and I are so excited to spend time with them and their family.

Yesterday we met them at their campground for a delicious lunch and provision planning. There will be nine of us onboard for this week long adventure – the Flanders family of 5, Danny and I, and Matt’s parents (who arrive tomorrow). We discussed the meals and snacks we’d like to prepare, the gear we needed for fishing, doing laundry and general boat life, and made lists. The planning part has always been really enjoyable for me. I love lists and I love crossing things off as I accomplish them. It gives me the same feeling of satisfaction that I get when looking back over a beautiful green lawn I have just mowed!

This morning we met at Costco, then Walmart, and gathered all we need (and don’t need). Matt was in charge of snacks and drinks, and he really went to town! Nobody on the boat will go hungry this week!

One of my favorite parts of the day involved the Bass Pro Shop…

One of my happy places, is the fishing section of any store. I believe I could spend all day looking at lures, leaders, swivels, rods, reels….check out these beauties!!!

I can’t get enough of them!

Some girls love diamonds – I just want lures!

We had a wonderful surprise this afternoon! Jake, our oldest son, drove down from Titusville to visit with us. It was wonderful to be with him. He looks so much like Danny and his voice sounds exactly like Danny’s, and ladies…he’s single. The two of them went for a drive in Matt and Gina’s Vanderhall.

It’s the cutest little 3 wheeled vehicle that looks like an insect zipping down the road.

All 9 of us have received our covid tests back now, and we are all negative. This means that we can apply for our visitors visas to Bahamas.

Tomorrow Gina and I will be doing some food prep so there’s less to do in limited galley space onboard. I’ll be making a pototoe salad, and she’ll be making a pasta salad.

Life is good, and Wednesday – the day we take possession of the boat, can’t come soon enough!


4 thoughts on “Meeting up

    Kathleen Newman said:
    March 22, 2021 at 6:48 pm

    Your kids are in my hot tub right now! Makes me happy that they’d come use it. Emma brought carrot cake (YUM) and I also met Micah. Things are good here. 🙂



    Katherene Lybbert Taylor said:
    March 23, 2021 at 6:29 am

    Oh man!! I can feel the joy and happiness in your words!!! ❤️❤️❤️


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