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The past few days have been busy with projects, and each evening I have fallen fast asleep before writing a blog entry.Our sails have been beautifully reinforced and mended, and we combined forces as a family and raised, furled and flaked them once again.

The wind picked up slightly but we used Mycah as a giant paperweight!

Kiffin is becoming quite the little sailor. She’s already been through the Panama Canal twice and knows her knots! She is so fun to have around.

As we attached the mainsail, the creatures scrubbed it down, washing all the grime away. Everyone was drenched by the end of it as the hose got away from me a few times…by mistake.

Jude was so happy to see the sails up again that she just lay on the trampoline and smiled as she looked up at them. We can’t wait to go sailing again.

Jacque is Aidans sweet friend, but has been ‘adopted’ by our family. He is so much fun and spends 90% of his time with us.

Today Tanda Malaika was hauled out of the water so we could replace her sail drive.

Kiffin, Jude and Emma ran the dinghy along the side to push our bow when we needed it, since we are just on one engine right now. They did a good job.

Soon we where in the haul out slip and ready for business.

It’s a little unnerving to see our home out of it’s natural habitat!

Now for some serious projects!!!


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