Road Trip!

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Danny and I received word that the batteries are ready to be picked up, so we called the car rental place and arranged for a vehicle fit for a tribe. We tucked Tanda Malaika in and kissed her goodbye for a day or two, and set out on the grand adventure in a spiffy red minivan.


After a couple hours or so we reached the creatures in Miami, and scooped them up. It was so wonderful to see them! Tonya was so sweet to get Jude to the airport this morning and she has now arrived safely. We miss her so much but know she is going to have a blast and a half. Before we left, Danny asked me to please make sure he doesn’t speed, because cops are everywhere here in Florida. I looked at him with a grin and asked him if he was serious, because guaranteed, if I told him to slow down, he most certainly would not. He assured me he would. Well guess what….he didn’t. I think he has jet fuel for blood. He just can’t help it!


In the car we played the Skittles game. Everyone picks a color of skittle to be their color. Mine was green. You blindly take a skittle out of the bag and if it’s your color you can chew it. If it someone elses color you just keep it in your mouth and can’t chew them. Some times your mouth gets so full you feel like you’re going to gag, and it’s a relief to finally chew them all up! Try it. It’s fun and will send even a non diabetic into a diabetic coma.


The scenery has been so beautiful as we have driven. Beautiful blue skies with gorgeous wispy clouds and rich green grasses. It feels so good to be on a road trip. Danny is doing marvelously even though we haven’t driven in 3 months.

I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and write all about it!


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