They’re Home!!!

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It’s been an exciting day! We knew that my Mom and Jude would arrive around 1:30 or 2pm, so we tried to get a bunch of things done this morning. We pulled out all the diesel cans so we could fill them in preparation for setting out.


I baked a couple loaves of french bread and Emma and I made lemon bars together. Ever since Danny bought me some baking stones for the oven, things have been cooking faster and so much more evenly. My french bread use to come out looking ugly and pale and had patches of uncooked dough. Now, they cook through beautifully and don’t look too bad. Since baking is one of my passions (breads especially), this is a BIG deal for me!


At one point bottle nosed dolphins surrounded Tanda Malaika. They swam around starboard side for a while then moved to the bow. We went out to watch them and just when I grabbed my camera, they moved on. They are such beautiful creatures.

FullSizeRender-966   FullSizeRender-969

When it was time to take the dinghy in to the dock to pick Mommy and Jude up, the three creatures went in to get her. We didn’t know how much luggage they’d have, and didn’t want to overload the dinghy. Jonathan was working for a gentleman in town to make some money.


Finally, they returned, and I gave my sweet Mom and huge hug and then wrapped my arms around Jude and just didn’t want to let go. I told her she is grounded from ever leaving the boat ever again. It is SO good to have Jude back, and to have Ouma on Tanda Malaika again.


As the afternoon moved on, Jude and Aidan took a nap in the hammock. I couldn’t believe that they both fit, buy they did comfortably, and got some Z’s.

FullSizeRender-962     FullSizeRender

While I cooked some Mahi Mahi on the grill, Danny replaced our light bulbs with LED bulbs, and what a huge difference in our lighting, plus we are saving energy. It’s amazing that that much difference can be found in these little bulbs.


The sunset was beautiful tonight, and now as everyone has gone to their berths to snuggle down, it feels so good to know that they are warm and comfortable in their beds in our cozy home on the sea. It’s been a good day.



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