Back to 10 on Tanda Malaika

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It has been an exciting day. This morning we had church while Bernadine and Gary flew into Miami from Idaho, then caught the Keys Shuttle down to us here in Key Largo. Emma and I took the dinghy in and picked them up and it is so good to have them with us. Since the ocean is a bit choppy today we took big black garbage bags with us to put their luggage in, and it’s a good thing we did. The ride back to the boat was quite a wet one and being the shield maiden that I am, I sacrificed my body and took the worst of it. Bernadine squealed and laughed the entire way to Tanda Malaika.

FullSizeRender-1005   FullSizeRender-1002

The creatures were so excited, and so is our sweet Momma. It feels good to all be under one roof again. Now that Jan and Daddy are no longer with us, us 3 girls are the entire Nel Family…seems so strange.

Bernadine and Gary brought us all sorts of wonderful things, including (among other things), a fun new game and a huge bag of those delicious addicting Cadbury Easter Eggs.

This afternoon Danny gave us all a lesson in navigation and chart plotting. He is so smart in so many things.


Bernadine spent much of the day out in the stern salon, because she kept getting motion sick. This evening she is doing much better, and has done splendidly in keeping dinner down too.

We all enjoyed the sunset together and sat and chatted for a bit, and now are ready to snuggle down for the night.

FullSizeRender-1001   FullSizeRender-1004

Tomorrow Danny will replace the starboard alternator and if we get done in time we will begin our passage to Bahamas. If not, we will leave on Tuesday morning. Life is good and we are so excited to see what tomorrow brings…it’s guaranteed to be an adventure.


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