Day: April 20, 2017

Kjira is here!

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We spent a couple more days in Isabela waiting for our paperwork so we could return to Santa Cruz, and during that time cruised the reefs with turtles and completed several boat projects.

The Galapagos green turtle are the only turtles that nest on the Galapagos islands, and they always return to the same nesting beach each time they reproduce. Hatchlings emerge from their nests at night and immediately move out to sea to avoid predators. Turtles forage for marine algae, eelgrass and animal matter.

On Tuesday morning we pulled up anchor and motored the 42 nm back to Santa Cruz. Beautiful big rolling swells and completely calm winds made for an uneventful and gentle passage. When we arrived at our destination, about 8 or 10 juvenile sharks came to greet us. Their 2-3ft little bodies are so sleek and when jumping in to swim with them, they are very curious.

On Wednesday morning we all woke up excited, knowing that Kjira would be joining us that day. Jude and Mycah’s mission was to figure out how to get to her at the airport in Isla Baltra, and bring her back. I’m so proud of how smart and independent our creatures are. They caught a taxi to a ferry which took them across to Isla Baltra and then caught another taxi to the tiny airport there and scooped up our their beautiful older sister.
In the mean time the rest of us did some provisioning in town, but not before being greeted by the Galapagos welcome committee spokesman, who was asleep on the job.

When we saw the taxi arrive the twins ran and embraced Kjira. What a wonderful reunion! I was too busy videoing to take still shots, but afterward we did what we do best, and took her out for ice cream.

She’s looking a little white from working at Big Sky Ski Resort, but it won’t take long for her to look like Tanda Malaika crew.

Looking at the weather, we are predicting that we will leave for Marquesas on Friday or Saturday of this week. While Danny is doing final oil changes and making sure all systems are in check, I am beginning the final provisioning process. The crossing will take about 3 weeks with nothing but wide open ocean in between, so I need to make sure we have sufficient food for 7. Yesterday Emma helped haul a nice big bunch of bananas back to the boat.

Today we will hit the grocery store on last time and the mercado as well. We are so excited to set sail and move into French Polynesia.