Bouncing back to Bali

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Our last few days in Phuket, Thailand, we successful and relaxing. That’s a great combination. We looked at so many homes until we were so confused as to which had what features, that we were wiling to settle for whatever, wherever! We started to remember them by things like…’remember the house with the snake…?’

We also had to try keep track of which realtor showed us what, but in the end, one particular realtor truly stood out from the rest and delivered! Personally I think she went above and beyond because she has her own company with a couple of friends, rather than working for a big business – taking pride…it makes a difference. She found us a beautiful home for a great price in a wonderful location. We signed a 6 month rental contract starting April 1st.

Aside from an amazing back yard with a huge pool, we are right around the corner from this gorgeous beach that is out of the tourist zone. Our Realtor, Yuma, has a facebook page at

I’m excited to find a good deal on a road bicycle and get cycling again.
We received message from some of our fellow sailing friends, who were visiting Phuket, and met them for dinner. It was wonderful to catch up with Richard and Jan of s/v Morpheus.

Parts of Phuket become so bright at night, with fluorescent signs everywhere, and naughty places open for business in the tourist areas.

One of the wonderful things about living in the tropics, is that there’s always a fruit stand open some place…night and day.

We of course had to try some funky Thai chips…

I didn’t think these hot wings flavored ones were very good, but Danny and Aidan liked them.

These salt and sour ones were my personal favorite!

And these chicken shaped morsels had a sweet and sour sauce to dip into and were pretty tasty on their own as well as with the sauce!

We finally headed to the airport and began the trek to Indonesia. Many of my friends keep asking where on the map we are, so I took these on the airplane monitor…our first flight took us from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The second took us from there to Denpasaar, Bali.

It was so wonderful to see Mycah. We have missed her so much. She is now half way through her Yoga Teacher Training Course and is working so hard from dawn till dusk in the classroom and studio, and once home she has homework and studying for exams to complete. She’s loving it and learning so much, and will no doubt, be an amazing instructor. Her Yoga school is close to our villa, so she is able to stay with us.

Jude is in the Caribbean right now, in her happy place – which is on a sailboat. She, along with our broker, Jeff Jones, and another sailor, are transporting a Saba 50’ catamaran from St Lucia, to Nassau, Bahamas. She is loving life!


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