New Years in Mexico

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The past few days I have been unable to post blogs due to slow wifi, but in the mean time we have been thoroughly enjoying our time in Mexico with our friends, the Nells.


We brought the new year in by sitting out at the stern salon, with Danny on the guitar and Mycah and Sierra on the ukes. Our neighbors came over to enjoy the talent as we listened to beautiful music, sang and talked the night away. Right at midnight we went out onto the bow and watched fireworks over Isla Mujeres, then talked about new years resolutions.




The Nell family took turns going up the mast and did really well.


Through the week we have enjoyed the company of our friends, the Frey Family, who arrived on their catamaran coming up from Belize.

DSC_0005-14  DSC_0008-16

DSC_0004-15 DSC_0011-18

On one of the days motored out to the south end of the island to scuba dive and snorkel. There is an underwater museum there with many statues of people standing in about 30ft of water to create an artificial reef.

GOPR5341 GOPR5487



We also saw a vw bug at about 40ft which was filled with reef fish. A large grouper hung out at a coral head, and two turtles played in the water column then separated and swam out into the distance.

GOPR5289  GOPR5366

Our nights have been spent playing poker, eating ice cream, and chatting. The creatures have watched movies and played games and enjoyed each others company.


On Sunday after church, the creatures helped distribute some items that the Nell family had brought with, to the needy. They were met with humble thanks, surprise and broad smiles.

FullSizeRender-732  FullSizeRender-735


We are watching for a good weather window, and at this point are planning on setting sail for Florida on the 7th. The Nell family will fly back to the US on the 6th. Some strong winds have been blowing through, infact last night they got up to 27 knots here in the protected marina. We’ll watch for those to die down for a safe crossing.


We are grateful for this new year, and hope to cover many miles of ocean with Tanda Malaika, and see more of the beauty that surrounds us.


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