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After I made my Sweetheart breakfast in bed this morning, he got to work on our electrical issues. While trying to work on the wind indicator yesterday, some sort of gremlin snuck into the system, causing the autopilot and depth gauge to stop working too. He was really annoyed with it last night but I knew that he would quickly find the problem today because he always does. Not long after he got to work, he found the little bugger…..


A cute little purple fuse was the culprit. We had a couple extras so Danny slipped a new one in and BINGO! Problem solved.

The sky was completely cloudy when we woke up, and as the morning progressed, more clouds came rolling in until finally they dumped their bucket loads down on us. I love the rain, and watched it wash Tanda Malaika once more. The downpour didn’t stop the creatures from heading to the beach as soon as their school work and chores were completed.

By midday the clouds gave way to a beautiful blue sky and quickly heated the world around us. Danny and I walked over to the pool to see if we could find them. They were just getting ready to head back to Tanda Malaika for some lunch.


We and I sat on the beach for a bit watching the kayakers prepare for tomorrows Day #1 of the fishing tournament. There are 60 competitors and 4 of them are women. They have all been very friendly and have offered all sorts of good fishing advice. As I look at their fishing gear (especially their lures), I have to keep reminding myself that coveting is a big NO NO! One of the women competitors has been very impressed with the creatures, and even came by the boat to tell us what amazing kids they are. She asked our permission to let them try out her kayak.


One of the other fisherman was more than happy to give the pickle a chance in the seat too. Since safety is most important, he was sure to put a life jacket on him first…


The creatures requested that we not leave tomorrow, but instead stay to watch a day of the fishing tournament, so we will all be on the beach for the 7am start and if weather permits, Danny will take the drone with to film them as they set out.

The creatures have continued to have a blast and a half with the big group of kids from Indiana. It’s been fun watching them interact and enjoy making new friends.




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    Kathy English said:
    April 8, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    Love the pickle picture!! I assume the pickle is the beer drinker, lol!!

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