Leaving Luperon

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Last night we enjoyed our favorite meal for the last time in Luperon. It was a celebration meal as well, because Danny successfully installed the autopilot and wind indicator. It makes a big difference when the new parts you order, work.When we reached our favorite chicken/beans/rice place, it was closed, but the owner saw us from her home above the cafe and opened just for us. Once again she did not let us down!
Afterward we walked over for one last ice cream cone, and it was closed too.
A gentleman pulled up in a car and said to wait a minute and he’d get the ice cream store opened for us. We felt like celebrities!

This morning, Cheri, Marci and I went in to town and had the opportunity to watch and take notes as a sweet local woman made our favorite beans. They call them Habichuelas, and they’re simple to make and incredibly delicious.

She chopped cilantro, fresh banana peppers and small purple onions and added them to pinto beans that were already cooking on the stove.

Garlic, oregano, vinegar, tomato paste and a special bullion went in next.

A little of this and that and Bob’s your uncle, it was done, and she dished us each a small bowl to try it out.

It didn’t take us long to devour the deliciousness.

We gave the cook a huge hug and thanked her sincerely. She was so sweet to share her knowledge.

We immediately went over to the market where my favorite little old man sells produce. Every time I see him I call him ‘Mi Amore’ and give him a kiss on his cheek. I love his smile.

I bought all the ingredients I need to make beans for us.

I also stopped by and gave Altagracia a letter I’d written her and translated through Google translate. I hugged her one last time, we teared up in each others arms, and she told me many things as she cried. I’m not sure what all she said but I felt her love and I know she felt mine.

Danny and I walked to the 3 different locations needed to check out with customs, immigration and the Navy. Our time up at the Navy office ended taking so long because they had run out of contact paper and had to send for some, so we were entertained by the cats, chickens and pigs that meandered through where ever they pleased.

Our very last stop was at s/v Consort to see their beautiful boat and Cheri had a scoby for me so I can make Kombucha. I’m so excited to give it a try.
Finally we fired up the engines, unhooked from the mooring and have set out. It’s hard leaving Luperon behind, with it’s friendly, open community. But, we know where it is and can always return. We’re not sure how far we”ll get tonight, or if we’ll sail through the night, but it feel so good to be back under sail.


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