A day full of everything

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This morning my Mom and the girls left for my nieces baby shower, and Jan and I stayed here in Firth. Friends of ours from Utah came to visit, and came bearing gifts in the form of donuts! Kylie owns a donut shop in Utah and Jan has been telling about how amazing they are, especially the maple bacon flavor and s’mores flavor.

IMG_2060     IMG_2061

He was right, they were sinfully delicious!! Her shop is named Beyond Glaze, and is in Sugarhouse, Utah. (2121 South

1040 East)

IMG_2113    IMG_2116IMG_2115IMG_2114

They do birthdays and weddings and all sorts of everything. next time you’re in the area, treat yourself!!

We went over to Daddy’s grave to see his tombstone which was delivered yesterday. It was hard for me to see it because I think subconsciously I still expect him to walk through the door at some point, but seeing our last name with his name on the tombstone, made it all painfully final for me. Bernadine, Jan and my names are on the back of it.

IMG_2063    IMG_2062

After they left, Jan and I sorted and organized everything that we took out of his truck yesterday. We decided that he has a sock fetish. In fact, I think all the socks that have disappeared from peoples dryers, have ended up in his semi.

This evening Mycah and I went for a drive to practice her driving skills.


She is doing beautifully. I sat back and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery.

FullSizeRender-290    FullSizeRender-289

At one point today Mycah texted me when she was in Idaho Falls. She has been craving Thai food for about 4 months now, and sent this:


She decided to look up pictures of Thai food on the internet to try suppress her craving, but it just fueled the fire. Danny went to Thai food in Jeddah yesterday and sent her photos to torment her more. I’ll think I’ll start a food drive…Thai food for Mycah!

Jan has done well today. I’ve had to dose him up well with hydrocodone due to pressure and pain in his head, but he still feels clear in his head, allowing him to think and communicate well. His shakiness and weakness still bothers him, but overall he is doing beautifully. He has decided that his major bucket list item he hopes to accomplish, is to ride the same ride our Dad took to the Florida Keys, and back on his Harley. He rode about 8000 miles in 16 days. As soon as Jan feels up to it, he will ride my Dad’s Harley and I will ride mine and Danny’s, and we will begin our journey. Jan really wants Danny to join us for it too (so do I), so hopefully he will come home soon so we can do that.

I had the special treat of being with our beautiful daughter, Aundrea, while she got ready for Homecoming Dance this evening. Even though it was just over Facetime, it was so awesome.


She is so beautiful and such a sweet little Angel. She is going to break a lot of hearts at the dance tonight. I love her so much.

I am so grateful for another day of life with my sweet brother. I am grateful for his humor, his goodness and his love. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such an incredible brother who loves me and teaches me so much.


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