Last night in Bahamas

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Yesterday morning we ran the garbage into town, and walked the path to pick a couple more bags of guineps. Jude and Aidan climbed the tree with grocery sacks in hand.

Mycah and I picked Tamarindo. We love the sour flavor!

The creatures eat a ton of cereal and it is so expensive here, so Marci and I took them to the grocery store and told them they each had $4 to pick out their cereal for the week. It was torture for some of them to come to a decision, and they were all surprised at how expensive it was.

After much contemplation, Aidan and Glade each picked out a small box of peanut butter Captain Crunch for $4.70 a box (they each owe me 70 cents), Jude picked out Apple Jacks for $3.85 and everyone else got 2 boxes each of plain old corn flakes which were on sale for $1.99 a box. Jude and Mycah decided to mix theirs so they have a combo. It was interesting to see their decisions.

We finally said farewell to Georgetown, and waved to our friends on ‘Purple Monkeys’, and set sail in the direction of Long Island.

Marci took a turn at the helm and did a great job.

We sailed till we reached the most northern point of long island as the sun was setting, and dropped anchor for the night. The sunset was an interesting one.

When we awoke this morning we looked out and saw where we had anchored in the dark, and it was gorgeous!

After church, we set sail once again, and were able to set the sails and do some serious sailing.

Our little friend from Panama showed up for a few minutes…

Glade and Mycah made a bed under the stern salon table…

Aidan did his usual crazy Aidan thing…

Glade serenaded us…

and Danny and Chad caught fish. Chad caught a good sized Mahi Mahi and Danny caught a huge African Pompano, which is from the Jack family. We ate the Mahi Mahi for dinner and it was delicious.

Tonight we are anchored at the southern most point of Long Island, and it is our last night in Bahamas. We have loved the 4 months we’ve explored here and look forward to spending many more months exploring the places we didn’t see next time we come.
Tomorrow we will continue on toward Turks and Caicos and will most likely be there a couple days from now. We are all tired from a rigorous sail, and are ready to rest peacefully in our berths.


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