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The creatures had a blast and a half spending the night at the cousins house last night. Mycah is a baby magnet. Every time she is around her younger cousins they seem to gravitate toward her and fall asleep in her arms.


Kjira came into the house this morning from being on a walk, and said that there was a racoon in a trap. I instantly had images of the poor little thing in pain, so I ran out into the yard to where she said it was so I could help it somehow. I was relieved to find he was unharmed and in a cage.


I asked the neighbors what their plans are for him, and they assured me that they never kill the raccoons they catch, but take them up into the mountains to a meadow where there is a beautiful creek, and set them free. This little guy was having a party in their vegetable garden, especially in the corn patch.

Their garden is beautiful. Giant stalks of corn stretch high toward the sky, and bright orange pumpkins are nestled among large green leaves. There is a peaceful feeling there, where things are cared for, protected and encouraged to reach their full potential.

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This afternoon the house was filled with family and friends.  The yard was bustling with laughing children, Gabriel and Aidan climbed trees, Emma baked, and we talked and laughed about all sorts of things. Mommy had a rough time toward the end as she thought about the many times we have had the same sort of afternoon with Daddy sitting in his big chair, smiling as he watched the grand kids play. Jan sat quietly in Daddy’s chair, resting his eyes and his mind as much as he could, and our dear friends, the Stahn family, came by with delicious food to share with us.

Especially at this point in my life, I am grateful for progress – no matter how minute. It’s often the small and simple miracles that take place so often in our every day lives that we overlook and call luck, that we should recognize and feel gratitude for. Too often we feel entitled and take for granted those priceless gifts that when lost, cause regret and sadness. It is in those humble moments that we will feel humility to the core, and perhaps for the first times in our lives, feel truly grateful.


2 thoughts on “Family Day

    Amber said:
    August 30, 2015 at 3:55 pm

    Hi! I found your blog through the GLP forum, which was kind of random but I was intrigued by your story and have subscribed to updates by email. I want you to know that I have read each of your posts, and my family has prayed for your family. You have endured quite a bit of heartache and difficulty recently and we can relate in some ways. We sold everything a few years ago, moved away with just our little family, and started over. Just two months later, my handsome (then 28-year-old) husband went into heart failure and had to have open heart surgery. God saved his life and I am forever grateful. He was diagnosed with a disease that causes sudden death and so now our plans have changed. We moved back to be close to our extended family and we are wading through this season and waiting for God to show us what comes next. It seems that the greatest adventures often come with the greatest challenges, doesn’t it? Thank you for sharing your story with the world. I look forward to your future posts. 🙂


      belindagovatos responded:
      August 30, 2015 at 6:33 pm

      Dearest Amber,
      Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I’m so sorry for those trials you have been through, but grateful to hear of your positive attitude and outlook. You’re right, the greatest adventures do come from the greatest challenges, probably because it is mostly in those times that we truly focus and take things more seriously, and love deeper. Aside from my husband, my brother has always been my best friend, this has proved to be my greatest challenge yet. Thank you for joining us on our journey, and I will add you and your family to our prayers too. Keep in touch, Belinda


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