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This morning Mycah and I woke at 6am to exercise. I love the lighting in the mornings, before the brightness of day sets in.



We had motivation to keep moving because the second we slowed down, we’d be swarmed by tiny little biting bugs that are about a tenth the size of a gnat. You can’t see them too well but can definitely feel them!

This morning I taped off the areas I removed caulking from in my head, and recaulked, while Jude replaced a part in her head.

The Riggers came and removed the jib to take it in to the warehouse for repairs,



and Vladimir the Cuban upholstery man stopped by once more. We are going to have cushions made for the stern salon so it’s a little more rear end friendly. He will also replace the cover on the helm seat where use over the years has pulled apart the stitching.

Danny was planning on leaving for a work trip in a few days, but was informed today, that they needed him to fly out this evening. It’s always hard to see him go…


The Creatures and I will continue with repairs and organizing jobs on the boat in his absence. Before he left I made kebabs for dinner, as well as broccoli/bacon/mango salad. We certainly couldn’t let him leave without a full belly!


This afternoon a couple of guys from the marina came knocking and said they received a shipment for a yacht, which arrived in a big wooden box. They wanted Aidan to know that they were going to make him a skateboard ramp out of it. He is pretty excited about it.

This evening after Danny left, we walked around the marina admiring boats for a while, and a couple of sweet old men who own a boat interior decorating store invited us in to their show room. They were so excited to show us what they do and told us we should come back tomorrow again and explore their workshop where all the boat cushions etc are made. We are going to take them up on that that. They cater to the mega yachts, and had glass ornaments for side tables in there for several thousand dollars. Definitely not Tanda Malaika’s style.

Hopefully toward the end of next week we’ll be able to set sail. Tomorrow the new generator will possibly be installed. We’ll need a name for it. Any suggestions?


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